What is a Preorder?

Preorders are for new items that have yet been launched. In order to offer a bigger selection for our customers, we are working hard with our Korean partners to showcase products from more Korean brands. Currently, we are partnering with more than 400 Korean brands. As we won't be able to stock all of the products, by having Preorders, customers will not be restricted to only the products which we bring in. :)   

Benefits of Preorders

  • Able to purchase products which we might not be stocking after Preorders closes 
  • Enjoy discounts ranging from 20% - 50%
  • Endless selection as Preorder items change weekly  

When will I receive my Preorder?

Preorder typically takes approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive and once they arrive, we will dispatch them out within 1-3 working days. There will be an indicative date stated with the product on when you will receive your item. 

*Expected delivery date is indicative and at times, there could be slight delays due to customs/shipping issues. Strictly no cancellation of order.  

What if I have a mixture of in stock items and Preorder items in my order?

We will deliver all items in one shipment when Preorder items arrive. If you would like us to deliver the in stock items first, kindly check them out separately.

If you have any other questions on Preorders, do drop us an email at

Note - Due to the fast-moving pace for Korean products domestically within Korea, there could be times whereby the item was sold out prematurely. In such circumstances, we will inform the customer via email/SMS on the status.