Are You Dressing Your Baby In Toxic Clothing?

As parents, we are always very concerned about what we feed our babies, which cleansing products can minimise skin allergies, which diapers can keep them dry longer without irritating their skin, which stroller is lightweight but still sturdy, which diaper bag can hold the whole nursery but still looks stylish, and the list just goes on.... 

Most often than not, we usually neglect one of the most important thing which our precious has the most contact with, all day, everyday. That is, the clothing we put on them.

Clothing manufacturers load their wares in seriously toxic chemicals at various stage of production, from colouring to finishing. (Casting aside the huge environmental impact or the fact that these clothing are made in factories with vastly underpaid workers)

The textile & fashion sector lacks a unifying regulator, unlike food products which have FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) and AVA (Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore). If you are already panicking by now and blaming yourself for all the harm you've put your child through, fret not, as we have to answer to your dilemma. 

Being mummies ourselves, we are very selective of the products we bring in and all of our products are authentically marked with the Korea Certification (KC). KC is a safety benchmark for all Korean import and export. In order to have the KC certification, the company has to go through several stages of inspection. 

Application - Factory Inspection - Product Testing - Post-Certification Surveillance

With the above regulatory in place, we can finally have a peace of mind while dressing our precious in fashionable yet safe clothing.