ABCs Of Buying Sleep Wear For Your Babies

Here in Singapore, the weather can get so humid that most of us will be sleeping iair-conditioned rooms nowadays instead of the good old fan which we were used to when we were younger. So a comfortable yet cosy pajamas is a staple for our babies and we should keep these in mind when buying sleepwear which they are wearing everyday. 

Avoid toxins in sleep wear. Keep away from flame-resistant pajamas as they are usually doused with chemical flame retardants that pose a major health risk to our little ones. Look for sleepwear that's labelled as 100% cotton.


Buy snug-fitting pajamas. In year 2000, United States's Consumer ProducSafety Commission stated that children should only wear cotton pajamas when they are snug because loose garments catch fire fast. Look out for yellow labels on sleep wear that says “For child’s safety, garment should fit snugly. This garment is not flame resistant.  Loose fitting garment is more likely to catch fire.” This indicates that the fabric is not inherently flame-resistant and has not been chemically treated. It is a good idea to follow the “snug-fitting rule” since loose fitting clothing captures air between the fabric and the child and ignites much easier when exposed to a flame. This also reduces the risk of suffocation in younger babies.    


Choose wisely. The key word here is snug-fit, not tight fit. Ultimately, we would want our babies to sleep comfortably and not feel like a burrito. Just make sure that the clothing is close to skin but still have room for them to stretch and move. 

At Minitotz, our sleep wear collection comes with the yellow labels and have gone through rigid quality control tests by the South Korean Government. Every child's safety and comfort is always our top priority. Click here to browse our sleep wear collection.